To become a NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) Professional, a person must pass the appropriate written and practical NEBB National Qualification Examinations for Cleanroom Performance Testing. This includes all tests currently in place for a NEBB CPT Technician. These Technician level exams can be taken in conjunction with Professional level exams or could have been taken and passed prior to taking the Professional Level exams.

To become a NEBB CPT Professional, a person must hold a management position, be able to represent the firm on cleanroom performance testing matters, must have a reputation of integrity with owners, consultants and awarding authorities, and must have experience equal to the following:

  • The applicant must be employed by a firm that performs cleanroom testing at least 1000 hours annually.
  • The applicant must demonstrate competency, reliability, cooperativeness, sound judgment, high ethical standards, and the ability to work independently in a safe, professional manner.
  • The applicant must have taken and passed the CPT Technician examinations.
  • The applicant must satisfy one (1) of the following educational and experience requirements:
    • Have a minimum of five years of combined engineering education and experience in cleanroom performance testing.
    • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent), plus three years’ experience in cleanroom performance testing, and have passed a Cleanroom Testing Study Course approved by the NEBB Cleanroom Certification Committee and the local chapter.
    • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) plus two years’ experience as a NEBB Qualified CPT Technician.


  • CPT Technician Exam
    • CPT Written Exam
    • CPT Hands-On Practical Exams
  • CPT Professional Exam
    • CPT Written Exam
    • CPT Report Review Exam

Note: There is no prescribed order for testing. The CPT Professional exams can be taken at any time; however the certification will not be valid until the Technician Exam requirements have been met.


In order for the applicant to become certified as a NEBB Qualified Professional, the applicant must successfully pass the written and practical qualification exams. The applicant must also submit for review four company programs that the applicant will supervise. These programs are as follows:

  • Instrument Calibration Program
  • Technician Training Program
  • Safety Program

The applicant shall submit a comprehensive list of all of their Company SOP’s and the first page of a of the SOP’s listed in the NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing procedural Standards.


The Professionals qualification is maintained by:

  • Submitting an application for recertification every two years and successfully complete twelve hours of continuing education in the two years preceding application for recertification. The continuing education hours may be earned at the NEBB Annual Meeting, any NEBB Chapter sponsored Continuing Education seminar, or any NEBB sponsored discipline education seminar. A successful completion certificate shall be submitted to the Chapter and in addition, a copy included with your firm’s recertification packet.
  • Chapters with members located outside of the continental United States may submit a request on behalf of their members to the Executive Vice President for approval of continuing education hours for any other industry education seminar or training. The Executive Vice President shall consult with the appropriate technical committee for the continuing education hours being requested, based upon the discipline(s) for which the Certified Professional is seeking alternative education. In all cases of approved alternative education, a successful completion certificate shall be submitted to the Chapter and in addition, a copy included with your firm’s recertification packet.
  • Minimum of 1000 documented Cleanroom related work a year.
  • The employer must verify in writing that the Professional is in good standing with the firm and document that the required cleanroom related work has been completed. This verification will be sent to the local chapter.


A Professional will be disqualified if he/she:

  • Fails to maintain his/her status as an employee in a management position of a NEBB Certified firm completing cleanroom related work with a minimum of 1000 hours annually.
  • Falsifies cleanroom reports and/or data.
  • Does not adhere to NEBB Standards and Procedures.
  • Exhibits willful disregard for safety and safe work practices.
  • Fails to renew their qualification by June 30 of the recertification year. Including meeting the minimum required continuing education requirements.

Appeals regarding disqualification will be considered upon written request to NEBB.