Firm Recertification

NEBB Requirements for Firm Recertification

Fees. Annual firm recertification fees are established by the NEBB Board of Directors. A Certified Firm must pay annual fees by January 1st of each calendar year for that calendar year. Failure to pay annual fees by March 31st will result in the automatic suspension of the Firm’s certification. Failure to pay annual fees by June 30th will result in the automatic decertification of the Firm.

Application. A Certified Firm must apply for recertification every two years. Firm recertification applications and supporting documentation are due to the respective NEBB Chapter for review and processing by December 31st of the year preceding the stamp expiration date. Resolution of any errors or omissions of the Firm recertification package must be resolved by March 31st or suspension procedures will apply per section 4.5.2 of these Operational Procedures. Firm recertification packages received by NEBB from the Chapter with a recommendation for recertification after January 1st may result in delays in the Firm receiving updated stamps and certificates by the March 31st expiration date shown on stamps and certificates.

In connection with each recertification application, the NEBB Chapter to which a Firm is assigned shall verify continued compliance with NEBB certification requirements for the subject Firm, as follows:

The Firm must confirm in writing that, for each Discipline in which the Firm is certified, its Designated NEBB Certified Professional remains employed at the Firm. The Designated Certified Professional shall be a full time, management level employee of the Firm, located and primarily working at the Firm address listed with NEBB. NEBB defines full time employment as a minimum average of thirty (30) hours per work week. The Designated Certified Professional shall be responsible for ensuring that the NEBB Certified Firm and all other NEBB Certified Professionals and Technicians in the office the Designated Certified Professional serves perform services in accordance with all NEBB Procedural Standards and comply with these Operational Procedures.

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Certified Firm recertification paperwork is due to NEBB by December 31, 2015 (OP 2.4.1), which is why the chapter has a 60 day window to be able to review and process the paperwork and turn into NEBB by the posted due date. Paperwork submitted after January 1, 2016 will be subject to delays in the turnaround process and the NEBB Certified Firm may not receive the new stamp(s) and certificate(s) before their current ones expire on March 31, 2016.

If NEBB does not receive the completed paperwork before March 31, 2016, the NEBB Certified Firm will automatically go into suspension (OP 4.5.2) and a NEBB $250 reinstatement fee will be added. If NEBB does not receive the completed paperwork and the NEBB reinstatement fee before June 30, 2016 the NEBB Certified Firm will be automatically be decertified (OP 4.6.1) and must wait 12 months to be eligible to reapply for certification.

We have secured a PMB address to ensure delivery when the office is not open.  Please send your hard copy recertification packets to:
Capital-MarVa International NEBB
9450 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772