NEBB Certification

Thank you for your interest in becoming NEBB Certified!  In order to qualify for certification, a firm must:

  • Have been in business as a specialized contractor with full-time employees for 12 months;
  • Enjoy a reputation for integrity and responsible performance;
  • Provide six (6) letters of reference and endorsement from project partners such as building owners or consulting engineers;
  • Be affiliated and in good standing with a local NEBB chapter;
  • Possess the various appropriate instruments required for the work for which they are seeking certification;
  • Confirm in writing that the company will conform to NEBB guidelines and possess the appropriate NEBB Procedural Standards;
  • Designate in writing one or more Certified Professionals who will represent the firm and be responsible for the supervision of all work NEBB Certified Professionals must be employed by a Certified or Candidate Firm in a management position, pass the appropriate NEBB examinations and meet additional management and educational requirements.

In order to become NEBB Certified for Testing Adjusting and Balancing, (TAB), Building Systems Commissioning (BSC), Sound and Vibration (S&V), Building Envelope Testing (BET), Cleanroom (CR), Fume Hood Testing (FHT) and Retro-Commissioning (RCx) candidates must demonstrate their knowledge by successfully passing the required exams for each discipline.

Capital-MarVa administers the NEBB program on a local level.  We offer certification for:

Certified Professionals

Testing and Balancing (TAB)

Building System Commissioning (BSC)

Sound and Vibration (S&V)

Cleanroom (CR)

Fume Hood (FHT)

Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

-Building Enclosure Testing (BET)


Testing and Balancing (TAB)

-Sound (S)

-Vibration (V)

-Building Systems Commissioning (BSC) coming soon!


Please fully complete and sign Form A-1 and A-2 on page one and page four (Form A-3 is not needed unless an additional certified professionals is also applying).  Job experience needs to be completed and make sure to use the format shown on page 4 of Form A-1.  Employment history will be verified.  You must possess the NEBB Procedural Standards Manual for the respective discipline.

Please email completed application packages to tiffany@capitalmarva.org.

Once your paperwork has been received, reviewed and approved, an interview with our Technical Committee may be conducted.  You will also be provided with instructions on how to register for your online exams.


Your candidate and firm have a 3 year period from the date first application is made to pass the Written Exam and the Practical Exam.  If passage of both exams is not completed within this 3 year time period, you must wait an additional 2 years before you can re-apply for the certification process again.  At that time you will have to submit another application packet and full fees.   After the successful completion of both exams, you will be provided a company stamp, certificate, and certification number for your exclusive use in your business.  Certification and membership in NEBB allows you a member discount on publications.

NEBB National offers extra training materials and courses for all disciplines.  Please refer to www.nebb.org and for more information.

At the beginning of each calendar year you will be charged a candidate firm fee until such time as you and the firm is fully certified.  This fee is mandatory to keep your candidate firm status and to continue your application process.

The National NEBB organization has established a qualification process and cutoff dates with respect to applications for testing.   The process requires a specific pre-qualification application for the applicant and the applicant’s firm in order to register and participate in testing. The initial phase of the pre-qualification is the submission of the application and fees.