NEBB Firm Certification

Thank you for your interest in becoming NEBB Certified!  In order to qualify for certification, a firm must meet the following requirments:

  • An Applicant Firm must have operated continuously as a legal entity, actively engaged in the field for which it is seeking NEBB Certification, regularly providing services in one (1) or more of the disciplines in which NEBB provides certifications, for a minimum period of twelve (12) months prior to submitting an application for certification.
  • An Applicant Firm must submit a minimum of six (6) individual and unique letters of endorsement from architects, engineers, contractors, or commercial building owners, attesting to the Firm’s reputation for integrity and business ethics, and knowledgeability in the field for which it is seeking NEBB Certification. These letters must be dated within twelve (12) months of the application date and must reference the Applicant Firm, not any Candidate or Certified Professional, and must list at least one (1) project for which the Applicant Firm provided services for the endorsing party. No more than one (1) letter may be from a contractor. NEBB and the Chapter of application reserve the right to review and communicate with any person or Firm regarding information on the background, integrity and ethics of the Applicant Firm.
  • An Applicant Firm must confirm in its application that it will comply with NEBB requirements for instrumentation for each discipline in which certification is sought.
  • The Applicant Firm must employ a Designated Certified Professional in each discipline for which Firm certification is sought. A Certified Professional may serve as the Designated Certified Professional for more than one (1) discipline, but not more than one (1) Applicant Firm, or more than one (1) office of the Firm, so long as the Professional is certified in each discipline that is applicable. The Designated Certified Professional shall be a full time, management level employee of the Firm, located and primarily working at the Firm address listed with NEBB. NEBB defines full time employment as a minimum average of thirty (30) hours per work week. The Designated Certified Professional shall be responsible for ensuring that the NEBB Certified Firm and all other NEBB Certified Professionals and Technicians in the office the Designated Certified Professional serves perform services in accordance with all NEBB Procedural Standards and comply with these Operational Procedures.
  • The Applicant Firm must affiliate with and pay all NEBB fees and dues and Chapter fees and dues of their assigned NEBB Chapter. Firms affiliated with a Chapter that gives up its NEBB charter or has that charter revoked will be assigned by NEBB to Chapters geographically adjacent to the eliminated Chapter. The NEBB Board of Directors may re-assign Firm affiliations that are affected by Chapter boundary modifications.
  • The Applicant Firm must possess the current edition of the NEBB Procedural Standards applicable to the discipline for each certification sought.
  • The Applicant Firm must submit a NEBB “Agreement to Arbitrate” and “Code of Ethics,” each executed by an appropriate officer or owner in the Firm authorized to bind the Firm.
  • An Applicant Firm’s application may, but will not necessarily, be denied if an owner, partner, shareholder, Certified Professional, director or officer in the Applicant Firm has previously been decertified by NEBB or was employed in or held a similar position with a Firm previously decertified by NEBB.
  • NEBB certification in a given discipline is open to any Applicant Firm that meets the requirements for that NEBB discipline.

When submitting the firm application, please be sure to include a copy of your designated NEBB Certified Professional’s Certificate(s) for each discipline that is being applied for. The Chapter Fees ($1000.00, USD) will be due with this application.