TAB Certified Technician


The Online Technician’s exam is now available. The Practical components are now included in the Online exam. The Certified Professional from the firm shall certify that the Technicians have successfully balanced both Air and Hydronic Systems as required and are proficient in TAB.

A NEBB TAB Certified Firm, who is in good standing with NEBB, must currently employ the Candidate. The Candidate must demonstrate competency, reliability, cooperativeness, sound judgment, high ethical standards, and the ability to work independently in a safe, professional manner. The Candidate must satisfy one of the following conditions in order to complete the Certification Process. All Candidates must take the NEBB Online Exam in order to be certified. Prerequisites are as follows:

  • Two years (1000 hours minimum per year) or more of TAB Fieldwork AND has successfully completed the NEBB TAB Technician Home Study Course (please attach certificate that was provided by your local Chapter).
  • Four years (1000 hours minimum per year) or more of TAB Fieldwork.
  • Provide documentation of having completed a program (other than the NEBB program), which is acceptable to NEBB on an individually approved basis. If a Candidate has completed a program, other than the NEBB previously approved programs, the Candidate must include all relevant information concerning that program with his application. Samples include: TABB Training and Certification, AABC Training and Certification, completion of a NEBB local, regional or National Training Review Seminar or current enrollment in an Apprentice Training Program that includes Testing-Balancing Procedures.
  • Submit a Resume for review. This is for the Candidates who are potentially qualified but do not appear to meet the 3 listed prerequisites. The purpose of this box is to allow the Candidate to sit for exam or be scheduled to be tested while the submitted resume is reviewed. The intent is to not hold up any applications while this process is being done. No Certifications will be issued until all perquisites have been satisfied and or time requirements have been fulfilled.

The following is a generalized listing of skills and/or responsibilities of a Technician:

  • Implement and perform the work.
  • Possess basic knowledge of report forms.
  • Identify problems.
  • Comply with common safety practices.
  • Use instrumentation properly.
  • Have a basic knowledge of controls.

Application and Testing Procedure for a TAB Technician

  • ¬†Submit Form T to your local chapter along with application fees.
  • Once approved, you will be given instructions on how to register for your online exam.¬† Re-exams are 90 days.
  • Once you have successfully passed the TAB Technician Online exam, you will be given instructions on how to complete certification.
  • A certificate will be awarded to your firm.
  • In order to maintain certification, a TAB Technician is required to recertify with the NEBB firm every two years by filling out the Form TR.