TAB Certified Professional

TAB Certified Professionals

    • Develop and plan the work
    • Handle report preparation
    • Recommend corrective action
    • Set overall safety plan
    • Maintain instruments and calibration program
    • Have experience with control strategies, sequences of operation, control systems, equipment and software
    • Review, check, sign and stamp final report

Eligibility Requirements for a TAB Certified Professional

    • Be employed by a NEBB Certified Firm or Application Firm.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Air and Hydronic Systems by successfully passing the appropriate NEBB Certified Professional Written and Practical Exams.
    • Hold a full time position in the firm, be able to represent the firm on TAB matter and have a reputation of integrity with consultants and awarding authorities.
    • Meet all the conditions in any one of the following categories (note that all requirements cannot be conducted concurrently):


Hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering; and
Have at least two years of supervisory experience in selected discipline (TAB, S&V, or BSC)


Hold an Associates Degree in Engineering Technology; and
Have at least four years of supervisory experience in selected discipline (TAB, S&V or BSC)


Have at least four years of experience in selected discipline; and
Have at least four years of supervisory experience in selected discipline (TAB, S&V or BSC)


Have a minimum of four years of HVAC related experience (which could include accredited apprenticeship); and
Have at least six years of experience in selected discipline with at least four of those years in a supervisory position

Please note:  The firm must own the instruments required for TAB Certification which had been accepted or their replacements.

TAB Recertification Requirements

Every two years, the local NEBB Chapter must verify continued compliance with NEBB Certification Requirements for each Certified Firm, Professional and Technician, as follows:

    • The firm must own the instruments required for TAB Certification which had been accepted or their replacements.
    • The firm must submit records to verify their conformance with NEBB guidelines for calibration and maintenance of required TAB instruments.
    • The firm must confirm in writing that they employ the designate Certified Professional(s) who previously met the NEBB Requirements for TAB certification.
    • The firm must submit an application for recertification every two years stating the successful completion for each NEBB CP. Each certified professional is required to satisfy twelve hours of continuing education in the two years preceding application for recertification. The continuing education hours may be earned at the NEBB Annual Meeting, any NEBB Chapter sponsored Continuing Education seminar, or any NEBB sponsored discipline education seminar. A successful completion certificate shall be submitted to the Chapter and in addition, a copy included with the firm’s recertification packet.
    • Chapters with members located outside of the continental United States may submit a request on behalf of their members to the Executive Vice President for approval of continuing education hours for any other industry education seminar or training. The Executive Vice President shall consult with the appropriate technical committee for the continuing education hours being requested, based upon the discipline(s) for which the Certified Professional is seeking alternative education. In all cases of approved alternative education, a successful completion certificate shall be submitted to the Chapter and in addition, a copy included with the firm’s recertification packet.

TAB Written and Practical Examinations

Persons must meet the criteria for TAB Certified Professional to be eligible to take the NEBB Examinations. Marginal cases may be referred to NEBB by the local Chapter Technical Committee, including supporting documentation for determination of eligibility.

    • Written Examinations for Air and Hydronics will be administered through Kryterion.  Once your application has been received, reviewed and approved and your application fees have been received, your local chapter will give you instructions on how to register for the TAB Written Online Exam.  Re-exams are 90 days
    • Practical Examinations are prepared and administered by the local Chapter’s Technical Committee, based on guidance provided by NEBB.  All candidates applying for NEBB TAB Certified Professional qualification have three years from their initial date to pass all sections of the Written and Practical Exams.  When this time period expires, the candidate must wait a period of at least two additional years before re-applying for qualification.  Re-exams are 90 days.
    • To be eligible for qualification, an applicant must pass the Online Certified Professional Written exam as well as the Certified Professional Practical Exam.

A firm’s certification shall automatically be suspended when the firm no longer meets all of the NEBB certification requirements. The certification of a firm suspended may be reinstated by NEBB at such time as it again meets the requirements for certification. The period of suspension may be no longer than one year at which time the firm will lose its certification automatically.

A NEBB Certified Firm must notify the local NEBB Chapter in writing, within fifteen days, of the temporary or permanent loss of a designated Certified Professional.  The firm must also return the stamp to their local chapter.

Loss of Certification
Certification may be terminated if the firm fails to abide by the objectives and performance standards of NEBB. Termination of certification by NEBB requires vote of the Board of Directors of NEBB provided that by similar vote the Board shall first find that certification is prejudicial to the best interests of the Bureau and provided further that the certified firm in question shall have had opportunity upon written notice of at least fifteen (15) days to show cause why the certification should not be terminated.


Ownership Requirements
It is the responsibility of the NEBB Certified TAB Firm to provide appropriate instrumentation that meets the minimum requirements as called for in the 13th Edition NEBB Procedural Standards for Testing Adjusting Balancing of Environmental Systems TABLE 4-1 for use on a project. Instrumentation used on a NEBB project shall be in proper operating condition and shall be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. TABLE 4-1 lists the minimum instrumentation that a NEBB Certified TAB Firm shall own and maintain.

Range and Accuracy
A NEBB Certified TAB Firm shall possess instruments — of the firm’s choice — for each function and range listed in Table 4-1. Each instrument shall have been specifically designed to meet the criteria (Minimum Accuracy, Range, and Resolution) of the function.

Instrumentation with multiple capabilities shall be accepted for more than one function when submitting documentation for a firm’s certification, providing that each separate function meets NEBB requirements. Information and data regarding accuracy of all submitted instrumentation for the stated functions shall be available from the manufacturer.

The accuracy and range as reported by the instrument manufacturer shall be verified by a testing laboratory traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology or equivalent institute in countries other than the United States. Calibration requirements for each function are specified and shall be met. Some instruments such as U-tube manometers and inclined manometers may not require calibration. However, if a “mechanical/electrical” device is substituted or employed in place of these types of instruments, the indicated calibration requirements noted shall apply.

Firms with multiple sets of instrumentation shall comply with either of the following conditions as a minimum requirement for NEBB certification:

    • Calibrate all instrumentation used by the firm on TAB projects in accordance with Table 4-1; or
    • Maintain a complete set of calibrated instrumentation used for comparison with regularly used instrumentation. Periodic checking of regularly used instrumentation against the calibrated set shall be performed. Acceptance criteria for the results of the comparisons are the responsibility of the NEBB Qualified TAB Professional.

Certified Professionals must understand the importance of using accurate instrumentation in the field, and shall be prepared to have witnesses verify their work with the firms calibrated set of instrumentation. Results of the data verification shall validate the accuracy of the instrumentation used to perform the work.

Appropriate Application Instruments
Instruments shall be used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. The most suitable instrument, or combination of instruments, should be employed for a particular measurement or reading. For example, a traverse may be accomplished with a Pitot tube and manometer (digital, analog, or incline); it is not acceptable to use a Pitot tube with another device that does not provide the same overall accuracy.